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Frequently Asked Question About The Association


What is Green Valley Resort Association?
GVRA is a Cooperative operated for the mutual benefit of its 60 stockholders (shareholders). There are 12 cabin shares and 48 RV site shares.


How is GVRA governed?
GVRA is governed by legal documents which include The Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Declaration. Only owners of shares shall have voting power.


Can an individual own more than one share of GVRA?
Yes, an individual can own more than one share.


When are GVRA shareholder meetings held?
The annual meeting of GVRA shareholders will be held at Green Valley on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend at 10:00 a.m. Special meetings of shareholders may be called from time to time after proper notification.


Who manages the business of GVRA?
The business of GVRA is managed by its Board of Directors. The Directors are elected at the annual meeting of the GVRA shareholders.


What are the powers of the Board of Directors?
The powers and duties of the Board of Directors shall include but not be limited to:
a. Operate, maintain, repair, and replace the property and common grounds of GVRA.
b. Determine what constitutes common expenses and establish reserves for the future.
c. Levy and collect assessments for common expenses from the shareholders.
d. Employ and dismiss managing agents and personnel of the property and determine such compensation.
e. Adopt and implement Rules and Regulations.
f. Prepare an annual report.
g. Maintain and manage bank accounts.


What is the number and term of office of Board members?
There will be nine members of the Board. There shall be six directors that are owners of RV shares elected by a majority of the RV shareholders. There shall be three directors that are owners of cabin shares elected by a majority of the cabin shareholders. Board members shall serve a three year term. The terms shall be staggered.


What are the officers of the GVRA Board and how are they elected?
Immediately following the annual meeting of the shareholders, the Board of Directors shall meet and shall choose the officers of GVRA from the Board. The officers shall be a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.


Can shares be sold or transferred to family members?


How are maintenance fees (assessments) determined?
The Board of Directors prepares an annual budget for common expenses and levies such assessment uniformly among the shares.


What vehicles are allowed and not allowed on RV units?
All RV shareholders are entitled to contain a camper trailer, park trailer, park model, self contained camper, or 5th wheel camper so long as it is allowed by the resort license of GVRA. The GVRA resort license requires each RV have a license plate with current annual tabs. No RV shall be greater than 400 square feet or longer than 40 feet, excluding the tongue.


What are the boundaries of the units?
The boundary lines of each unit are as depicted on the Scale Drawing of GVRA prepared by Stoeckel Surveying and dated January 17, 2006. Official survey markers were installed by Stoeckel Surveying making the boundaries of each unit.


What is the status of the property outside of the Unit boundaries?
The property outside of the Unit boundaries are Common Elements and are owned by the Association for the benefit of the owners and occupants.


What expenses are NOT covered by the maintenance fee?
Any expense or portion thereof benefiting fewer than all of the Units, may be assessed exclusively against the units benefited. These expenses include:

The portion of the real estate taxes attributed to the cabins, decks and sheds (excluding land) contained upon each of the cabin units shall be paid by the owners of the cabin shares. All remaining real estate taxes (including all land) shall be paid in the annual maintenance fees, equally by all sixty shares.

The annual license tabs required on each RV shall be paid by the owners of each RV.

The taxes attributed to any decks and sheds on RV units shall be paid by the owners of each particular share.

The cost of insurance on the cabins shall be assessed to each of the cabin share owners. Each RV shareholder shall be responsible for the cost of insurance on their RV unit.

The cost of electricity and propane used by each Cabin and RV unit shall be paid by the owners/seasonal rentors of the corresponding shares. GVRA will pay all invoices from the electricity provider. Each share is individually metered for electricity and the Association will assess each share for the amount used.

GVRA is fortunate to be serviced by city sewer.

The cost to install and remove the boat lift docks shall be paid by the owners of the 42 units with a boat slip privilege.


Who has a boat slip privilege?
There are 42 boat slips available on three boat slip docks. Each cabin share includes a boat slip privilege in its purchase price. The purchase of a boat slip privilege is optional for RV shares.


What restrictions are there on building decks and sheds?
No fish houses are allowed upon any unit. Each owner of a unit may have a deck and one(1) portable storage shed not more than 8 feet in width, 9 feet in height, and not more than 80 square feet in size. All structures must be approved by the Board and the City of Long Beach and are subject to the architectural control provisions of section 8 of the Declaration. The GVRA resort license requires a distance of at least ten feet between the RV (with slideouts fully extended), deck and shed and the RV (with slideouts fully extended), deck and shed on the adjacent Unit.


What restrictions are there on remodeling cabins?
Any exterior improvements or alterations which are visible from the exterior of the unit shall not be commenced, erected or maintained unless and until the plans have been approved by the Board. Any increase in the size of a cabin unit would also require approval of the City of Long Beach.


Can shareholders let their family and friends use their Unit when the Owners are not there?
Yes. Occupancy by guests on a gratuitous basis with the consent of the Owner is allowed.


Is subleasing allowed?
GVRA is intended for seasonal use.

(i) no Unit may be subleased except in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the Association,
(ii) all subleases shall be in writing,
(iii) all subleases shall be for a minimum of five months from May through September.


What are the rules concerning excessive noise or other nuisances?
All owners and their guests have the right to quiet enjoyment of their respective units, and shall use the property in such a manner as will not cause a nuisance, annoyance, or undue or excessive noise, nor unduly restrict, interfere with or impede the use of the property by other owners and their guests. If undue or excessive noise is being created by any Owner or a guest, any member or the Board shall be entitled to request that such noise be immediately discontinued and that any guest immediately leave the property.


Are ATVs allowed?
No. ATVs, mopeds, mini-bikes, or go carts are not allowed except while in the process of maintaining the common elements. The board may grant approval for use of such items by a handicapped person.


Are personal watercraft (Jet Skis) allowed?
No. Jet skis or personal watercraft shall not be allowed on any boat lifts, temporarily moored to a dock, use of the GVRA boat ramp, beached on the GVRA shoreline, or operated on Pelican Lake within 100 feet of the swimming area and within 100 feet of any dock owned by the Association. However, personal watercraft can be stored on a trailer within the property so long as it is in compliance with all other regulations of GVRA.


Are pets allowed?
A maximum of two dogs and/or cats are permitted to be kept by any owner. Outdoor cages, kennels or houses shall not be permitted. Owners must keep pets attended upon a leash or under their direct control when the pet is out of the cabin or RV. Pets shall not be tied outside overnight. Each owner shall be responsible for policing waste materials left in the Common Elements and upon the unit by their pets. No pets shall be allowed on the swimming beach and in the marked off swimming area. The owner shall take all necessary steps to prevent their pets from becoming a nuisance or annoyance to neighboring property owners.


Can guest RVs be temporarily parked at GVRA?
Guest RVs (including excluded RVs) may be parked on a short term basis upon a Unit or upon the Common Elements subject to payment of a fee in the minimum amount of $15 per night and subject to such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the Board.


Are tents allowed?
Each Unit shall be allowed to have one (1) tent having a maximum size of 100 square feet upon such Unit for a maximum of two nights at any time subject to the condition that each such tent shall be taken down and removed for five consecutive nights before it may be used again upon the Owner's unit. No tents may be placed upon the Common Elements without the consent of the Board. Screen tents shall also be subject to these rules regarding tents.


Are screen porches allowed on decks?
Upon prior approval by the Board, screen porches with metal walls and a vinyl roof may  be allowed to be placed upon an Owner's deck contained upon the Owner's unit.  

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