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Green Valley Resort Association

Meeting Minutes

September 3, 2023 @ 9:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order     

Pres Mark Gibson called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM                                  

  1. Declaration of quorum

Present were Mark Gibson

Mike Marty

Judy Teske

Woody Haabala

Mark Werner

John Runchey

Sandy Jerzak


Geoff Koval

  1. Approval of agenda

Mike M mm, Mark W sm all approved.                        

  1. Secretary’s report available on (

The minutes were distributed among the board members and read. No changes were made, Mark W mm, and Mike M sm all approved.


  1. Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Outstanding line of credit balance = $33,000.00

Checking balance = $ 8,212.03

Savings balance = $ 5,737.50

Electric billing = $3,783.54

County Taxes balance = $5,338

Insurance = $2,000 due

Cabin #4 in arears = $1,200+    

Woody H mm, Sandy J sm to approve motion passed.

  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)

Next Years rental rate will be raised to the last of four raises over a four-year period to $2,700.00.

5 renters are seeking to purchase here.They are Jamie Winters (44), Dave Dardis (19), Otto (6), Wroblewski (42) and Dan Janke (51).Yet we are still renting out 15 units as a resort.

Woody H mm and Sandy J sm to approve the business report. Motion passed.


  1. Jean Haabala discusses cart rental rate.

Jean Haabala (37) asked for time to review the vote from last months meeting where the vote on rental rates for cart space in the new shed increased from $150 to $200 over winter.  A brief survey of the cart owners (6) that rented last year resulted in a no to rental this year at the new rate. No changes were made by the board.

 Mark has put an ad in the Facebook Marketplace to get a feel for outside cart owners and has made up fliers to hand out next door. More information will be presented at our next meeting.       

  1. Relocate fence by the gate to the entrance to boat yard.


After reviewing the fence in the back, lifting and moving the posts would be allot of work and it would be easier to add another panel for between the existing fence and the new building.


  1. Kennedy land plot update?

This item was left in the agenda for any updates that may have occurred lately.  Tabled for more information.

  1. Confirm dates of lifts/docks out and winterizing the resort.


The docks will be coming out by September 22nd and the waterlines will be blown out by October 9th 2023.

Inspect resort for tree trimming.

          A bucket truck may be coming to the resort for tree trimming at the end of September.  Trees will be inspected and marked for what will need immediate attention.       The tree by Brad Deans Camper will be removed after closing the resort.



Yearend party and poker run. (Yesterday).

          This year we had a poker run for a fund raiser to benefit installation of sound reducing panels in the clubhouse.  101 cards were bought by attendees and raised $505.00.  Congratulations to the winner with a hand of 3 kings, Sadie Courtez.

 A big thank you to Sandy for organizing this and the 4th of July event.  The funds have paid for 3 cue sticks, replacement tips for the cues, a paddle for the kayak, Sound panels (6), 2 canvas prints, dish cloth and towels, and a bookcase.


          Many folks attended the year end party.  A brisket was prepared by Louise Larson for the main dish.  He spent many hours tending to it on his smoker prior to the party.  A goodwill offering was at the lemanade table for anyone who could donate to offset the costs.  The board will be giving Louise Larson $100 for the prep and smoking of the meat.  The remaining balance of the meat costs after payment from the donation bucket will be paid to Louise from GVRA.


The rest of the party was pot luck with many great treats for all.

  1. Adjourn

Judy Teske mm and Mike Marty sm to adjourn, all approved.


Green Valley Resort Association

Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2023 @ 9:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order

Mike Marty (VP) called the meeting to order at 9:01 am


  1. Declaration of quorum

Present: Mike Marty

Judy Teske

Woody Haabala

John Runchey

Geoff Koval

Sandy Jerzak

Mark Werner

Kathryn Rose


  1. Approval of agenda

Geoff K mm, Kathryn R sm all approved

  1. Secretary’s report available on (

 Kathryn R asked about the boat yard situation from the last meeting about the parking of some of the excessive trailers.  Woody mentioned about moving the concern to item 8.

Kathryn R mm, Judy T sm to approve report, motion carried.


  1. Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Judy reported that the second half of the taxes are still to be paid.  Insurance payments are on target.

There is still about $7,500 in billings to members to come in yet for recovery of electrical ice and washing machine usage.  Savings has a balance of $5,737.50 and the Checking has a balance of $16,479.22. 

 Mark W mm and John R sm to approve treasurers report, motion carried.

  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)


Electrical rates were of concern to some of the members.  The board moved the rate from $0.21 to $0.25.  This rate has been increased in the last two years to cover the lack of increase we should have been making in the past 16 years. 

In the declarations that were written at the front of the formation of the association, the former owners were looking ahead to defray the extra costs for common amenities within the resort (ie bathhouse, well, club house, machine shed, boat house and lighting).  This item had not been revisited until a meeting held in recent years.  The rate that Rob was adjusting from was at $0.12 per kwh.  He adjusted the billing rate to all meters by owners and renters to $0.19 or a 7-cent increase to cover the resort commons costs.  After investigating the rate increase since 2005 ($0.12) to present (rates have increased up to  $0.19 - $0.21.  This amount caused our budget to go into the electrical collections minus side by $3,500.00 just last year.  To put it in more troubling words, that amount was paid by the association dues collected for each year.  The right solution should be raising the rate to balance the outgoing payments with more incoming collections.

Judy Teske will be sending out the renter’s agreement letters soon after all information is collected.

 Electrical will be read at the end of September.  Judy stated that the line of credit is down to $33,304.08   Mark W mm and Kathryn R sm to approve the business report motion passed.

  1. Relocate fence by the gate to the entrance to boat yard.

  2. Take burn pile apart, remove logs for splitting (campfire wood)

 Woody pulled trees and logs out of the burn pile prior to burning.  The logs were cut and split for campfire wood and stacked by the entrance gate by Jamie Winters, D Suckow and Phil (Jerzak).  The burn pile will not be piled in the same area moving forward.  Brush can be piled further into the clearing area where it will be stored until the next burn.  The ashes were spread out and the black dirt from the shed leveling was applied as a topping layer and will call Sondrals for pit run fill to the topping layer to limit mud and getting stuck.  On another note, Woody cleared the areas to the south of the boat yards for more permanent storage of equipment that doesn’t leave the area all summer.  Cabin 7 has relatives that are parking items in the back, and the board would like to have them move it further to the back as mentioned above to allow use of space for more usage. 

  1. Restack wood pile to make it more accessible.

As stated above, Phil J with the help of D Suckow, and Jamie Winters stacked the wood that was split into a very neat pile. Thank you, gentlemen, for your support.

  1. Kennedy land plot update?

Mike stated that he had talked with Mr Dorweiler(A frame) about the purchase of the land with the merger to the resort with conditions that ended up with a lot of loose ends that they found to be a lot of hurdles.Discussions by Loren with the Kennedys were of a price around $80k but we only know that as speculations. Many options were discussed regarding the amendment with more green space or even more shares. For more details, please contact one of the board members. No more information on the lot has been obtained at this time.


  1. Tree on common grounds leaning into lot 46 (Brad Dean)

Brad Dean requested that the board look at the tree close to his lot.  It was determined that the tree is on common ground, therefore the association would need to take it down.  Woody mentioned that he could take it down this fall during dock removal.  Kathryn R made mention that we should be revisiting the rest of the resort trees health.  Tabled for now due to funds. 

  1. Green space discussion (Sandy)

The Wroblewski family was granted permission to put a shed on their lot.  They asked Sandy what had changed from 5 years ago to now.  Woody explained that what changed was that the lot they are renting had been included in tier 1 after the FEMA and DNR established a new shoreline or high-water mark that pushed the border west into the resort causing lot 42 into tier 1.  Tier 2 that they were in earlier days was very limited on green space.

  1. Shed storage fees (Sandy)

There were 9 carts stored last winter at the rate of $150 for the winter. Sandy suggested that we should raise the rate from $150 to $200 per winter.  Sandy mm, and Geoff K sm.  A vote was taken wih the count of 6 yes and 2 no votes.  There are up to 30 spaces available if parked tight.

  1. Excessive pets on at lots/cabins (Sandy)

Sandy stated that some lots have had as many as seven pets at their site.  Our policy is only two pets are allowed per site as prescribed in our declaration document.  Many times this has been overlooked and it usually goes away.  If further problems arise, the cops would be summoned to the resort to resolve the situation.

  1. Parking around the club house during rental usage.

.  We have experienced parking issues in the commons area during the use of the club house.  The issue was that a large camper had no place to park so it parked in the commons by the club house.  Kathryn stated that in an earlier meeting years ago, the board had ruled that parking on common grounds was prohibited and should park in the back or up by the old machine shed as space allowed.  Woody will investigate when the issue was discussed at the prior meeting.     

  1. Discuss year end party, volunteers?


The year end party will be on Saturday September 2nd and the next board meeting will be the Sunday after.

Mike Marty will be talking with Louise Larson about providing the meat, and the rest will be pot luck.  Mike volunteered Robyn and himself for set up and clean up after the party.  Paper plates and utensils will be provided along with the lemonade.


17.Pool Table discussion.


The pool table refurbishment was discussed and we found that the person that was heavily backlogged.  Until he is available to do the work, this is on hold.


  1. Miscellaneous

 Spraying for dandelions was brought up by Judy T.  Mark G will be asked to check it out.

The toilet in the womens bathroom has not been replaced but Woody will take care of it.

Thank you to Mark W for installing the fire alarms and fire extinguishers in the clubhouse.

  1. Adjourn

Judy Teske mm and Geoff K sm motion carried.


Green Valley Resort Association

Meeting Agenda

July 2, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order

President Mark Gibson called the meeting to order at 9:05AM

  1. Declaration of quorum


Present: Mark Gibson, Mark Werner, Woody Haabala, Judy Teske, Kathryn Rose, Geoff Koval, Sandra Jerzak, and Mike Marty


Absent was John Runchey. (Tested pos for covid)


  1. Approval of agenda

Mark W, mm and Judy T. sm to approve agenda. Carried

  1. Secretary’s report available on (


Review of minutes took place in an email prior to the meeting.

Mike Marty mm, Geoff K sm motion carried

  1. Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Judy Teske reported that the checking account balance was at $13,253.27 with more deposits pending.  Savings had $5,737.60.

Mike M. mm, Kathryn R. sm motion carried.

  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)


Less than 6 shares had yet to pay the 2nd half of dues at this time.

Electrical billing was raised last year from 0.19 to 0.21.The new electric rate effective immediately will be 0.25.The rate for the resort has been increasing by Xcel Energy.The board has decided to follow this increase to keep up with inflation.Woody H. mm, Mike M. sm to approve the increase. Motion carried.


  1. Robileski and Rundquist shed permits.

Two permits were submitted earlier for 80 Sq Ft sheds from the fore mentioned renters.  The board agreed to the application with both of these locations as they are in Tier one of the resort.

Geoff, K mm Mark W sm all Approved.



  1. Club house Dryers (Switch electric to Gas in the future)?

Roger Nielsen reported that the lights in the clubhouse dimmed when the dryer(s) started up.  The board tabled any action at this time and noted it for further investigation/concerns from others observing.

  1. Boat yard space. (Mark)

The boat yard is again very crowded and in disarray.  Mark and Woody will be gleaning out the brush pile for logs that will be cut up for campfire wood.  Other debris (painted, glued or treated wood) will be sorted out and taken to the dump.  The brush pile will be burned when all is cleared far enough so that no damage will be incurred to surrounding boats and trailers.

  1. Relocate fence by the gate to the entrance to boat yard.

The white fence adjacent to the left side of the entrance gate will be relocated closer to the new building.It was set in concrete pilings and will be reset as the same in the new location.Woody and Mark Gibson will be working on this later.

  1. Take burn pile apart, remove logs for splitting (campfire wood)

As noted above, the burn pile will be cleaned up soon by Woody and Mark Gibson (And anyone who is will to grab a saw and sort).

  1. Restack wood pile to make it more accessible.

Woody will be spreading out the wood pile for sorting large and small wood with the Bobcat.Phil Jerzak has volunteered to restack the wood along the same area.Woody will be also cutting and splitting the wood gleaned from the burn pile that will be added to the pile.

  1. Move recycling shed to east of new building.

The metal shed that is hindering access to the wood pile will be moved to the east side of the new machine shed.

  1. Kennedy land plot

The much talked about property (Kennedy lot) adjacent to the entrance from the south side of the resort is in process to be sold.Gopher one call has been out to locate underground utilities for dirt work.It was mentioned to a member of our resort that they are going to brush mow and clean up the lot and list it for sale.


The board discussed this at length and explored all the hurdles it would take to obtain this area.There is more to come with more meetings on the subject.


  1. Green space discussion

Woody and Mark Werner will be re measuring (auditing) all the impervious areas around the resort this year as this will be questioned from the City of Long Beach after a permit request is applied for.



  1. Kids Day first full weekend in August (6th)


Unless an interest is obtained by the parents of the said kids, this event will be omitted.If you are interested in taking the reins on this venture, contact any board member as soon as possible.


  1. Discuss year end party, volunteers?

September 2nd, 2023 is the date set for the year end party. Meat will be barbecued for all and the rest will be pot luck.

  1. Adjourn

Geof Koval mm, Mark Werner sm all approved to adjourn.


Green Valley Resort Association

Post Annual Meeting Minutes

May 27th, 2023 @ 10:45 a.m.

  1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 10:45 am. By secretary Woody

  1. Declaration of quorum

Present were:

Woody Haabala

Mark Werner

Geof Koval

Judy Teske

John Runchey

Kathrine Rose

Sandy Jerzak


Mark Gibson

Mike Marty


The board members present approved keeping the same officers in place for the next year.

President Mark Gibson

Vice President Mike Marty

Secretary Woody Haabala

Treasurer Judy Teske

Recycling is coming to this area and we are included.  More info at a later date.

Woody will be raising the flag at the beach for the season.

Sandy Jerzak is offering to start a booster organization to support items for the resort.  Sound echo reduction in the club house is an example of these efforts.

Events for this year are as follows:

Monthly meetings are set for July 2nd, August 6th, and September 3rd.

July 4th celebration and events will be held on the 4th.

The kid’s day event will be on August 5th.

The yearend party will be on September 2nd.

Boat lifts and docks will be coming out on September 18th, weather permitting.

Water line winterization will be October 9th, 2023.

The fire alarms will be installed by Mark Werner.

The fire extinguishers will be installed by Mark Werner.

Judy Teske mm, and Kathrine Rose sm to adjourn, Motion Passed.

Submitted by:

Woody Haabala


Board of directors, Green Valley Resort Association.



Green Valley Resort Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

May 27th, 2023 @ 10:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am.

  1. Declaration of owners’ quorum (31 Shares required for voting on board members)

The roster had 21 signatures of owners and therefore a quorum was not attained.

  1. Approval of agenda

Mark Werner mm, Judy Teske sm to approved the agenda.  Motion Passed unanimously.

  1. Open the floor for nominations of board positions (2 RV 1Cabin) 

No nominations were announced.  Incumbent members are John Runchey, Mark Gibson, Mark Werner.  With no challenges for the positions, the incumbents agreed to stay on without a vote.  All unanimously approved the positions granted.


  1. Secretary’s report available on (

Secretary Woody handed out a printed report of last years annual meeting.  No discussion followed after a few moments of review by the owners.  Brad Dean mm, Dave Weeding sm to approve the Sec minutes.  Motion carried.

  1. Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Treasurer Judy Teske handed out the annual report for review by the members of the association.  As of December 31st 2022 the checking had $11,419.15 and the savings account had $49.98. Judy distributed the details of the report. 

Cindy Hanson mm, Sirley Weeding sm to approve the Treasurers report.  Motion Passed.

  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)

Our dumpster service provider Mathiason retired with West Central Sanitation from Willmar MN. Taking over.   Accolades were given to Jean Haabala for her diligent work with the flowers planted and arrangements.  Water softener tanks have been billed to us at the rate of $55 this year.  The rate was $40 last year.  Woody has been in contact with Dan at Eco Water service.  More information will be upcoming.  Recycling is in the works for the area and will be starting at the resort also.  Pets around the resort will need to be under better control. The renter/owner agreement has this information contained within.

  1. Boat yard space. (Mark)

The boat yard area will be addressed this year to allow more spaces for trailers.  Mark Werner and Mark Gibson are in charge of this area.

  1. Kids Day first full weekend in August (5th)

Kids Day will be on Saturday August 5th 2023 this year.  It takes many volunteers for this activity, so please come to the board with any offers to help in any way.  The kids thoroughly enjoy these activities, and we would like to see it continue.

  1.   Old Business

The construction of the cart shed in the boat yard is complete and storage over the winter went well.  Arrangements for equipment, tools and carts are in the planning stages.

  1.   New Business

Dean Warner suggested installing solar lights for the area outside of the fish cleaning room.  Cost for these are around $31.00 for 4 units.  The board will be looking into this feature.

The sound dampening panels will be researched by Robin Marty this summer.

  1.   Adjourn

Geoffery Koval mm, Mark Werner sm to adjourn, motion passed at 10:36 AM

Green Valley Resort Association

September Meeting Minutes

September 25th, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order

Mark Gibson called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM

  1. Declaration of quorum

Mark Gibson

Mike Marty

Judy Teske

Woody Haabala

Geoff Koval

Kathryn Rose

Mark Werner

John Runchey

Sandy Jerzak


  1. Approval of agenda

Geoff K mm, Kathry R sm to approve agenda motion passed

  1. Secretary’s report available on (

Secretary's report was reviewed via email, Mike M mm, Judy T sm motion carried


  1. Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Judy T reported the checking acct had 8,688.12 and the savings account had 2,000.00

Woody H mm, Mark W sm, carried

  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)

Judy reported the Offerdahls have left due to health issues and won’t be back.Renters from lot 18 requested to move to the vacated lot.Gravel was requested to be added to level up the ground for their camper.Woody will be calling Sondrals for aload of gravel this week.

Rent for the 2023 season will increase to $2,600.Rent letters are sending out soon.

Judy T has requested to add internet access in Arizona for the business end of book keeping while she’s there.

The line of credit balance is now down to $23,629.57

North Star insurance was to come out and take pictures of the new building but has not yet showed up. Health department was here and inspected the new club house and stated that we need to install fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.  Judy will be purchasing both items.



  1. Equipment shed electrical installation for golf cart storage (Woody)

The equipment shed will be done in this fall and so far 10 people have reserved spots to rent over winter as storage.  With battery tenders needed to keep batteries in good condition, we will need to install power inside.  Woody will be calling Ogdahl Electric from Starbuck.  A licensed electrician is required by the state and our insurance coverage to install the entrance panel and outlets to supply power to the battery tenders.

  1. Delinquent bills/dues.  GVRA to file lien on share(s).

Each year we experience something new and not necessarily all good.We are faced with making the decision to attach a lien on one of our owners due to lack of response to bills that are way overdue.This has been going on for the last year and to protect the interests of the resort business, it has become necessary to proceed with collection by way of a lien in the event the share would go up for sale.This lien would be part of the proceedings within a sale or other means of transfer to a new owner.Judy will be calling Scott Johnston law offices this week.


  1. Upcoming sewer line repair by club house.

We have had sewer troubles with the line running from the club house to the main line.  Woody rodded it out four times this summer but found there is more trouble that just solids settling in the pipe.  Rapid Response was called out to camera the line and jet it out.  They did find roots had invaded the pipe by way of a bad joint.  Woody will be digging it up after all is closed and usage has ended in the club house.

  1. Boat yard expansion for boat trailer storage

The boat yard continues to be a concern for the space we have and how many trailers are stored during the summer.  We are now looking into clearing more space beyond the dumpster area (south).  Woody will be trimming more roots and stumps out for another look this fall.

  1. Adjourn?

Mike M mm, Geoff K sm to adjourn. Carried


Green Valley Resort Association

August Meeting Minutes

August 21st, 2022 @ 9:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.                       

  1. Declaration of owners’ quorum

All board members were present as listed below:

Mark Gibson (Pres)

Mike Marty (Vice Pres)

Judy Teske (Treas)

Woody Haabala (Sec)

John Runchey

Geof Koval

Kathryn Rose

Mark Werner

Sandy Jerzak               

  1. Approval of agenda

Kathryn Rose mm, Mike Marty sm to approve agenda as written.  Motion carried

  1. Secretary’s report available on (

The secretary report was emailed to all and a printed copy was presented to all board members present.

Kathryn Rose mm, Judy Teske sm to approve minutes, motion carried.


  1. Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Judy Teske reported the checkbook balance at $19,200.43 and the Savings balance at $2064.96.

The line of credit balance is $12,569.42. 

The taxes that are due in Oct $4,231.00 have been paid early.


  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)

An invitation letter was received from the City of Long Beach that referred to the request for the revison of the 2008 comprehensive plan for the City of Long Beach.  This meeting is set for August 31 at Minnewaska House Brewing Co. and Grill, 24895 State Hwy 28.

The Spletter Family that was on lot 44 vacated the lot after two months of use.  Two months of rent pro-rated is $500 per month. The board discussed an amount of $1,500 to be refunded to the Spletters.  Woody Haabala mm, Mike Marty sm to refund the stated amount. Motion carried.

  1. Bjorgan storage shed discussion


Stan and Carol have requested a variance from the board of directors to place a storage shed adjacent to their camper on the west side of their camper.  The location of the shed does cross the designated lot line dividing lots 12 and 13.  The set back from any neighboring campers complies with the boundaries required by the rulings of the resort.  Stan called and inquired from the Lawyers office (Scott Johnston) if we are infringing on anything in the bylaws.  Woody has followed up with another phone call also with no response from Scott.

The board reviewed the document Stan produced and will be adding verbiage to it.

The document read;

“Stan and Carole Bjorgan, owners of Units 12 and 13 have requested a variance to place a storage shed on their Units 12 and 13. The shed would be placed on both units. Upon transfer to family members, the variance would continue in effect, unless either owner would request otherwise.”

The board edited this variance by adding “upon sale to anyone other than the immediate family, this agreement shall become null and void.  The shed or structure would at that time be required to be removed from the location and placed at an acceptable location.”        

Geof Koval mm, Mark Werner sm to accept the agreement for the Bjorgan family with the condition that the agreement would be honored as written or a bylaw term was found. Motion Carried.

  1. Eliminate yard light by the old tractor shed

Some owners and renters have complained that the yard light is too bright and shines too much light into their campers.  John mentioned that a shield could be placed on their side of the light to reduce the amount of light shining through.  Woody offered to contact Xcel Energy about options on different lighting.                     

  1. Maintenance personnel for next year

Our yard and building cleaning maintenance person met with us at 10:00 AM. The schedule for the resort has become more than he assumed it to be. He can still do mowing the yard and reported that the job is too time consuming for him with young kids.  He proposed doing part of the job with Drew Bleick who lives just a mile from the resort doing the beach, the goose fence, and fish entrails from the Fish Cleaning house. Caleb entered the meeting and talked about his situation and proposed the above arrangement with him forfeiting part of his wage for Drew in the amount of $1,500 for three months (June, July and August) leaving Caleb $8,100 from the remainder of the combined amount of $9,600.00.  Caleb derived this number from the amount that Mike Troen departed at.

After Caleb left the meeting, the board discussed the amounts that Caleb requested.  We the board have not received any complaints against any of his work at the resort, in fact there have been many comments in his favor that the bath house for one is very acceptable as far a cleanliness goes, and the beach has been well maintained.  When he started this spring, he was asking if he could start at the wage Mike left at.  This was not discussed to any length as we didn’t know how his performance was going to be.

The board talked about his performance and concluded he should be paid $9,000.00 to continue with Drew getting $1,500 over the three months noted above. Other details will be worked out in the next few weeks.

Geof Koval mm, and Judy Teske sm to offer Caleb and Drew the amounts above.  Motion passed.  From here it is up to Caleb to accept or reject our offer.

***Update, Caleb accepted the terms and will continue to be our grounds keeper.

  1. Boat yard space. (Mark)


  1. Equipment shed (Woody)

The boat yard shed has been a topic of many meetings and now has been brought to the forefront for making a decision about building it now or wait. The board discussed the pricing and timing of delivery for this fall.  Woody has been monitoring the Menards pricing and Mark Gibson has inquired and received a price from the lumbar yard by his home.  Both estimates compare very close after tax and delivery.  The Chokio (Hooters) estimate is a better choice due to the selection of better lumber than Menards (#2 grade).

The size of the building will be 30’ wide by 56’ long.  Inside height will be 11’.  Floor will be packed #5 gravel with sloped black dirt outside.  The eaves and overhangs will be 2’ all around with a transparent ridge in the roof for natural lighting.  Electric, water, and fiber optic cabling has already been trenched to the site awaiting installation.  Cameras for surveillance will be installed for security and theft monitoring and a later date.

A roll up door will be at the west end with a service door adjacent to it.  The east end will have a sliding door with a service door adjacent.  Colors will match the club house.

The materials costs are currently estimated at $22,900 from the lumber yard at Chokio.  This includes tax and delivery.

Labor will be provided from within the resort membership.

Mike Marty  mm and Judy Teske sm to build this fall.  Motion carried

Woody will be applying for the building permit this week and start next week with site preparation.

  1. Rental rates for carts in building

This item was discussed but tabled for now, as there are conditions that are of concern.   

  1. Electric rate increase

Our electric rates have increased from .12/kwh to at present .23/kwh.  We have been holding at .19 since Rob Mueller set the rates to be charged per site. The 7 cent upcharge was set to offset the costs of running the rest of the commons area amenities such as the boat house, club house, shower house, the lift stations, and the street lights.  We are currently monitoring the costs incurred by these commons areas and will be looking into how much we are underwater with electric costs.  The new charges for electric services will need to be increased over the next few bulling cycles to get back to cost levels.

The board has discussed this problem at length starting with the accuracy of the meters we had received from Runestone electric 11 years ago.  New meters were purchased and installed last fall to eliminate the doubts that we were having about shortages on some sites.

Raising the price of kwh charges per site will need to be gradual to abate the shock of higher prices.

Sandy G mm and Mike M sm to raise the electric rate by $,02 in the October billing to start the process of leveling the electrical burden.  Motion carried.

  1. End of year party

The date for the end of the year party have been set at September 3rd 2022 (Saturday) Potluck to start serving at 5:00PM.

  1. Docks and lifts out when?

It was brought to the attention of the Board of Directors that the Docks and lifts should not be removed until the end of September.  Discussion on this was that by the end of September, the wind and cold weather is starting to set in which makes it difficult to maneuver equipment around the shore for moving such from the waters.  Most of the owners and renters have removed their boats and pontoons by this time leaving the lifts and docks empty ready for removal.  In the past the swim dock has been removed later for this reason.  This accommodates pontoons with sealegs well, but for other not.  Woody will watch weather forecasts for this fall and determine the situation week by week.


  1. Miscellaneous

John Runchey was handed a list from a concerned owner that is listed as follows:

1). The lifts and docks should be left in the lake until October 1st.

Discussed by the board……  The lifts and docks will be removed at the discretion of the crew removing this equipment.

2). Any major/large expenditures should be voted on by the Association (Membership).

Discussed by the board Reviewing the bylaws, the board is obligated to monitor and upkeep the grounds and buildings in good repair. 

The club house for example was becoming a trip hazard inside with the concrete lifting up worse each year by the frost, at that time it was discussed to replace the floor by lifting and moving the build off from the foundation and replace install a new concrete slab. Money spent on moving the building could be spent on replacing rather than moving it off and then back onto the foundation. It was decided due to the covid situation where the building was unoccupied during that summer then was the time to do a complete overhaul.

            The overhead lines behind cabins 1 through 5 was becoming unsightly and dangerous with insulation coatings deteriorating to the point of becoming bare wire. This was remedied with the trenching of underground service to all the cabins mentioned above and the club house and boat house were included in this upgrade.

The water pressure to the woods area was remedied by upgrading the well from a 1.5hp single phase submerged pump to a 5hp three phase with variable frequency drive service. Since then the water service to all sites has been excellent compared to what we had.

The sewer lines were upgraded behind the cabins and up the line RVs.

The three sites on the old house lot were installed and have since then created revenue of $6,500/year.

There are more items that can be mentioned here but the conclusion is that all items we are addressing are to either maintain or improve the return on investment of our resort.

The following is copied directly from the bylaws:




                Section 1.  Powers and Duties.  The business of the Cooperative shall be managed by its Board of Directors which may exercise all such powers of the Cooperative and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by statute or by the Articles of Incorporation or by these By-laws required to be exercised or done by the Stockholders.  The powers and duties of the Board of Directors shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

  1. Operate, maintain, repair and replace the Property and any personal property owned by the Cooperative in accordance with the provisions of these By-laws or applicable statue.

  2. Determine what shall constitute common expenses required for the affairs of the Cooperative, which shall include all ordinary and necessary operation and maintenance of the property, and establish reserves for future repair, replacement and improvement of the Property and those parts of the Units which the Cooperative is obligated to maintain and repair.

  3. Levy and collect assessments for common expenses from the Stockholders.

  4. Employ and dismiss managing agents and personnel necessary for the maintenance and operation of the Property at such compensation as may be determined by the Board of Directors; provided, that any contracts entered into for such purposes shall provide for a

  5. Adopt and implement Rules and Regulations governing the operation and permitted use of Property, and the personal conduct of Stockholders and their guests.

  6. Prepare and submit to the Stockholders an annual report required by Article IV below.

  7. Maintain and manage bank accounts on behalf of the Cooperative and designate the signatories required thereof.

  8. Purchase, lease or otherwise acquire in the name of the Cooperative, capital stock offered for sale (including Units offered at any foreclosure or other judicial sale) or lease, or surrendered by their Stockholders.

  9. Sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise deal with capital stock acquired by, and sublease Units leased by, the Cooperative.

  10. Obtain insurance for the Property pursuant to the provisions of these By-laws.

  11. Provide for the making of repairs, additions and improvements to or alterations of the Property and repairs to and restoration of the Property in accordance with these By-laws, after damage or destruction by fire or other casualty, or as a result of eminent domain proceedings.

  12. Commence appropriate legal action for collection of Assessments for common expenses as hereinafter provided, and commence, defend and intervene in legal action for such other purposes as do not violate the purposes and objectives of the Cooperative.

  13. Borrow money and pledge or mortgage the assets of the Cooperative for the purposes related to the bona fide business and operation of the Cooperative, with the approval of the holders of record of at least eighty-five percent (85%) of the total votes of all Stockholders in the Cooperative.

  14. Sell the real estate of the Cooperative, with the approval of the holders of record of at least ninety-five percent (95%) of the total votes of all Stockholders in the Cooperative.

3) Resort Status

Section 7 #7.4 May 1st – September 31st……….”No one should be able to be up here or after – we will loose our resort status.

7.4 Dwelling Units The twelve Dwelling Units shall be used by Owners, Occupants and their guests for seasonal use, non-residential use on a transient, short-term basis or for residential use so long as Declarant is entitled to the exclusive use of such Dwelling Unit.  Upon the sale, transfer or conveyance of an interest in the Association entitling the Owner of such interest to the exclusive use of a particular Dwelling Unit, thereafter the Owners, Occupants and their guests shall use such Dwelling Unit only for residential use, provided that all subleases for Dwelling Units shall be for a minimum term of five (5) months from May1 through September 30, subject to the provisions of Section 7.5.  Occupancy by guests on a gratuitous basis with the consent of the Owner is allowed with Board approval.


Answer to be investigated, but the short answer would be that this applies to our duration of operation and ability to charge rents.  Owners would not be included in this mandate.  How was it that Rob Mueller and family was able to be here before and after???  They were owners just the same as any share owner of the association.

This paragraph refers to subleasing.

4) Parking…two (2) parking spaces per unit

            7.6 Parking. Parking areas on the Property shall be used only for parking of vehicles owned or leased by Owner, Occupants, and their guests, and such other incidental uses as may be authorized in writing by the Association.  There shall be two (2) designated parking stalls adjacent to each Unit.  The use of driveways and other parking areas on the Property, and the types of vehicles and personal property permitted thereon, shall be subject to regulation by the Association, including without limitation the right of the Association to tow illegally parked vehicles or to remove unauthorized personal property.  Boats and trailers shall only be parked in designated areas.  Vehicles may not be parked on the roadway located upon the Property except in accordance with Rules and Regulations adopted by the Association.

5) 7.13 Pets

2 pets per unit……

            7.13 Pets. Dogs and/or cats shall be permitted to be kept by any Owner provided that Owners shall be permitted to keep a maximum number of two (2) pets, either two (2) dogs or two (2) cats or one (1) dog and one (1) cat.  No outdoor cages, kennels or houses shall be permitted, and Owners must keep pets attended upon a leash or under their direct control when the pet is out of the Dwelling or recreational vehicle.  Pets shall not be tied outside overnight.  Each Owner shall be responsible for policing waste left in the Common Elements and upon the Unit by their pets.  No pets shall be allowed at any time within that portion of Pelican Lake containing the marked swimming area, but such pets shall be permitted to be within the balance of the lakeshore with the Property and the adjacent portion of Pelican Lake, so long as the Owner immediately removes waste materials left by their pet.  Violation of these regulations by any Owner shall entitle the Board of Directors of the Association to revoke the Owner’s ability to keep a pet on the Property, or Unit.  No other animals, rabbits, livestock, fowl or poultry of any kind shall be kept, raised or bred in or upon the Common Elements or any Unit or any portion thereof, nor shall they be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.  The Owner or Occupant shall take all necessary steps to prevent their pets from becoming a nuisance or annoyance to neighboring property owners.  Non-Owners shall not be entitled to bring pets upon the Property.

The above statements (Paragraphs) are taken from the Declarations of the Green Valley Resort Association. 

(We could hire a resort patrol to police the grounds for persons in violation.  This fee would come at a very high cost and could increase dues by $1,000 per year.  Anyone available to step up? So far, we have not found anyone to step up to be the bad cop….)

The club house sewer line was plugged up for the fourth time in 2 weeks.  It seems to occur after a heavy use or function at the club house.  The board is calling Rapid Response to view the line with a camera to investigate any breaks or roots In the line.

***Update, Rapid Response was on site the following Monday with a camera to inspect the sewer line.  They found an old coupling joint that was penetrated by roots from an adjacent tree.  A jetter was employed and removed the roots causing the problem for now. It should be ok for the rest of the season, however this fall after close up we will be digging the line up and repairing the coupling.


  1. Adjourn?

Mike Marty mm and Judy Teske sm to adjourn, motion carried.


Green Valley Resort Association

Meeting Minutes

July 3rd, 2022 @ 11:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order     

This meeting was called to order by Pres Mark Gibson at 11:00 AM


  1. Declaration of owners’ quorum

A Quorum was determined with the following present:

Pres Mark Gibson

Treas Judy Teske

Sec Woody Haabala

John Runchey

Kathryn Rose

Geof Koval

Mark Werner

Mike Marty

Sandy Jerzak


Appointment of Officers


Mark Gibson President

Mike Marty Vice President

Judy Teske Treasurer

Woody Haabala Secretary


After all positions were assigned, the board formed a committee to revisit the bylaws and declarations.


Mark Gibson offered to head up the review with Kathryn Rose, Woody Haabala and looking for more help within the owners group (Terry Walker, Brad Dean).


Woody will be sending out to all board members the bylaws in an email.


***With the departure of Greg Hanson, his name will be removed from the checking account held at the U S Bank system.Thank you Greg for your commitment to the GVRA board of directors.


*** Meeting minutes will be sent to all with the disclaimer that it is a “Draft copy” and is subject to change, and yet to be approved by the board.


*** The equipment shed. A survey request was sent to all owners for how many would be renting spots over the winter in cold storage. Only three replies came back.Many answered verbally and a count of about 14 carts would be stored.


Pricing of Menards’ online was sent to all board members with size and options of the building.More pricing will be solicited.


***Dock and lift issues

We are now experiencing a lack of room between lifts during installation. The spacing between the leafs is 20 feet.The lifts are up to 10 feet wide and some at 11 feet.One option is to widen the spacing between the leafs to 24 feet.This is only on the spaces closest to shore.This will also required another 3-8’ sections to be added at the shore line on each set of WOW docks.Pricing is around $3,540 for three 8’ sections with legs and pads.


August 21st will be the next board meeting to be held at the club house.



Mike Marty mm, Geof Koval sm to adjourn, all approved



Green Valley Resort Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

July 3rd, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m.

  1. Call to order     

Mark Gibson called the meeting to order at 10:04 AM.

  1. Declaration of owners’ quorum (32 Shares required for voting on board members)

A quorum of 32 was reached at 10:12 AM


  1. Approval of agenda

Loren Dorweiler mm, and Phil Jerzak sm to approve agenda.  Motion Passed

  1. Secretary’s report available on (

Secretary Woody Haabala made mention that the minutes are posted on the website and handed out hard copies to those who requested them present at the meeting.

Judy Teske mm, Terry Walker sm to appove minutes, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report (Judy)

Treasurer Judy Teske reported that we have the loan balance down under $20,000 as of the first of July. And we had paid off the lawn mower (Exmark Commercial grade $6,500.00) purchased to replace the JD tractor and leaf vacuum.

  1. GVRA Resort Business (Judy)

Lot 44 was vacated in June and it was re rented on the 1st of July for the rest of the season.  The annual budget was presented to the group for review. Tom Teske mm to approve the budget, Shirley Weeding sm, Motion passed.

  1. Second half of dues were due on July 1st

Our dues are now $900.00 per year with the first half due in January and the second half in July.  Each payment is now $450.00.

  1. Boat yard space. (Mark)

Mark Gibson reported that more room is now available on the south portion of the boat yard.  Woody stated there is more cleanup to do in this area.  Through the rest of the month it will be brought to better conditions and access for storage.  This area is intended for long term or full summer storage of trailers.


  1. Equipment shed (Woody)

Woody stated that the price for lumber and metal have been playing see saw over the last 8 months ranging from $19,000 up to $28,000 for the cost of materials from Menards.  The size has not been determined as we are looking into making enough space for storing golf carts.  This will help justify more space and become a source of revenue to offset the cost of the building.  Many have requested to get it built before this fall.  Renting space is already being asked for.

  1. Kids Day first full weekend in August (6th)

Anita Werner has submitted that she is stepping down from leading Kids Day, but is offering to help whoever would be willing to step up and take the reins.

  1. Cabin insurance discussion

Cabin owners have requested that they get released from the obligation that their cabin insurance is to be

The board has discussed the cabin insurance with Zimney Insurance in Alexandria.

Shopping around has been made by many of the cabin owners and have found out that the insurance we have in place is very competitive and is hard to beat for pricing. 

***The big stand out explained by the Zimney office is that each occurrence or damaging storm encompasses all portions of the property within the resort as far as the deductible of $2500 incurred by the insurance company. (there is no separate deductible for each cabin/structure)

  1. Jet Ski Discussion

A request was made earlier to put the Jet Ski item on the agenda for a vote to approve having them on site at the resort.  Current the Declarations to the by laws state that they cannot be anywhere inside of 100’ from the end of the docks at Green Valley Resort.  This has been in place since 2006 when the declarations were written.

Every so often the request comes up to remove the statement from the bylaws. A vote was taken to change the wording in the declaration of the bylaws with the quorum that was present. The vote results were 25 yes (to change) and 9 no (Leave it as is).

*********(After reviewing the bylaws of our association, it was found that it requires 40 yes votes to change the declaration verbiage).


  1. Nominations of board positions (2 RV , 1Cabin)                                                                                      Incumbent members are Sandy Jerzak, Woody Haabala, and Greg Hanson (Stepping down).

The floor was opened for nominations of positions for the positions on the board.  Woody Haabala and Sandy Jerzak offered to stay on and ran un opposed.  Terry Walker nominated Kathryn Rose cabin 10 to be on the ballot.  No other nominations were announced.  Nominations were closed and a vote by signal of hands/yeas were taken. All approved by the 32 present voters. No opposition.

Rachel from share 58 (Dean and Carrol Warner) was given the floor to announce the availability of apparel with silk screen impressions.  The flyers were handed out to those interested and more were left at the club house for those not present.


  1. Adjourn

Terry Walker mm to adjourn, Jean Haabala sm, all approved





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